Introducing GE Slate Appliances!

Curious about the new slate color of appliances? You're not alone! We get a lot of questions about the new color. Here's a rundown:

After years of seeing the same old colors splashing around the showrooms of appliance stores, GE decided to find an alternative to the traditional white, black, stainless, and bisque. We were all due a change!

Stainless, for years, has been the top-selling color in the industry. We all knew that people were still starving for stainless steel. By the same token, stainless was the most complained about of all the colors! Why? You guessed it: fingerprints.

With that in mind, GE decided to stay in the motif with their new color. Although an appliance paint, and darker in tone, the slate finish mixes very well with real stainless steel. They even accented the appliances with real stainless steel handles to tie it all in. It was instantly an industry hit.

The advantages are many. Again, those pesky fingerprints are a thing of the past with slate appliances. Another benefit we've found? Magnets can be used on slate! The other big complaint we've had over the years is that real stainless steel won't accept a magnet. Where will all the kids pictures go?! On slate, they go right back on the front of the fridge!

So there you have it, the inside scoop on that beautiful new color you've been hearing about. Now come on down to Appliances Direct and check out the entire line-up. We've got them. We've got them in stock. We've got them marked down, and we're ready to help you put a splash of color back into your kitchen!

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